Gianluca Canziani (class. ‘87 - costume/set designer) and Simone Curti (class. ‘87 - graphic designer). Moved by their shared passion for a certain kind of mens’ wardrobe, they decided during their university days to give life to a communal project, based on their desire to create pieces that would be faithful and resilient companions of their everyday life.
With their creative backgrounds, far removed from the world of fashion, in 2012 Gianluca and Simone experimented on a capsule of prototypes, where they elaborated the key elements of the project.

A cardinal element of the male ‘uniform’, a shirt must be functional and comfortable with details that render it a beautiful and intelligent part of a man’s wardrobe. And it is precisely uniforms that inspire the EcoComa shirts, with an eye to the second half of the last century where uniforms were not just practical but also a symbol of a certain quotidian elegance, closely linked with the ritual movements which allow the wearing of such a piece.
In 2015 the project took on a new life and became a real collection.
The DNA is principally an attention to and a research of details and materials which confer upon the final product a esthetic which revokes a certain atmosphere of days and times gone by.